Thursday, March 4, 2010

fabric catalog for our rainbow breeze collection PART 1

In Batik Ratna all of our fabrics are exquisitely made by hand in certain amount of time. No fabric is equally the same with others. Each fabric can only used for two pieces of clothing, that ensure the exclusiveness of our product.

To order our rainbow breeze collection specifically to your size (S, M, L ) please kindly pick your chosen style in the previous post and choose your desired fabrics available in this post. After that please  follow the guide written on the right side of this website to complete your transaction.

r a i n b o w b r e e z e:fabric catalog(PART1)

fabric 01: brown and merry

fabric 02: glamorous fuschia

fabric 03: nude ashes (SOLD OUT)

fabric 04: green green grass

fabric 05: strawberry leaves

fabric 06: spicy yellow

fabric 07: shabby reddish

fabric 08: peacock pink

Enjoy our first fabric catalog! These fabrics are also available on their own for IDR 250 000 each.

To order please email us (with enclosed details , can be found at right navigation) at

Friday, February 26, 2010

batik ratna's new looklet: rainbow breeze

Our new clothing collection consists of colorful little dresses and shirts, perfect for casual occasion or something a little bit formal.

This adorable coral dress is inspired by the 1940's fashion with its puffy sleeves and fitted skirt. A more modern and mature look is created by combining chiffon with batik in this ensemble.

Our maroon blouse is a more relaxing choice. Wear it tucked under hareem pants or a high-waist skirt, with its boyish appeal this classic blouse with front buttons is flexible enough to get you just about anywhere.

Indulge with your feminine side with this  yellow and  lime green dress. This dress is young and fresh, suitable for morning occasion. Pleats in the skirt create a more interesting shape while the frills in the front added a bit more drama.

This maroon dress is both playful and chic. The drapery in the front oozes elegance while the balloon skirt adds some quirkiness. A hint of light blue in the batik gives this dress an uplifting touch.

Worn with slouchy cardigan and some tights, this crimson red blouse is a perfect match to build an edgy ensemble. The big bow adds some eccentricity to the whole outfit, while the batik pattern gives the look a slightly feminine touch.

This sleeveless green dress is an epitome of sophistication on its own. The combination between batik and shantung gives this dress more structure for an elegant silhouette. Bow in the waist and ruffles serve as lovely details for this outfit.

Hope you all like our first looklet for this season. Please do keep up with us as the next post will be about how to order this collection according to your size and personalize these styles to your own choices!

photographer: Novelisa from 5|photography
stylist: Evelin Sabrina

Monday, February 8, 2010

a little sneak peak to our fabrics....

hello everyone!
this is our first we thought we'd give a little sneak peak on how our products look like.

all of our batik fabrics are originally from Madura. each of them is traditionally handcrafted (none of them is created using stamp or machine). although not as famous as Batik Solo, Batik Madura's signature style lies in the richness of its colour and its unique pattern.

natural coloring is used on the dyeing ensure a non toxic with high quality product.

stay with us for another post about our catalog price for the fabric, how to order...and our most anticipated clothing collection.